Our Services

We offer permanent, respite and day care services. Court House can currently cater for 30 residents and up to 6 day care clients daily. Our aim is to provide a service that is tailored to the individual. To do this, we take time in assessing someone’s care needs, understanding their likes and dislikes, their personal history, their family relationships, their hobbies and activities amongst a host of other information. This is all part of the initial assessment process and we take this information to form the care plan. We encourage our clients, and potential clients, to be involved in the process of creating their own care plan.

Before booking, we encourage people to come and visit. It can be daunting selecting which home will really suit a person and it’s important to get a feel for the place. There is a trial period for permanent residents (usually 4 weeks) to ensure that you are happy, and to make sure that we are confident that we are able to meet your needs.

Daily Life at Court House
Daily Life at Court House

Helpful advice

Sometimes just knowing where to start is daunting. Marcus, one of the directors, has written a guide, but feel free to call us if you need to talk it through.