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Daily life

Being a home from home where residents can still be part of the daily activities, whether that’s laying tables, creating table displays, helping with gardening

It’s really important that it feels like a home from home and for some of our residents being involved in everyday activities such as laying the tables, creating floral displays, peeling veg or helping in the garden is part of that. What’s important is having the choice. Believe me, others tell us that they are very happy not to do those jobs having looked after a house for many years!!

About us

Court House is not part of a chain of homes. It is owned jointly by Marcus Lyward and Lorna Turner, who both care deeply about the home; its residents and staff.

We are working hard to develop Court House into a central part of the community of Cullompton and look for ways to bring individuals and community groups into the activities of the home.

We offer permanent, respite and day care services. Court House can currently cater for 26 residents and up to 6 daycare clients daily.

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