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Scary times

This year’s Halloween was the definitely the best so far with some amazing costumes. Makes for a great team photo! The residents really enjoyed the day, lots of fun and laughter. There were pumpkin lanterns and other amazing decorations made by the residents with the support of our visiting artist Jan. A big thanks to all the staff who made such an effort to make it a special day!

About us

Court House is not part of a chain of homes. It is owned jointly by Marcus Lyward and Lorna Turner, who both care deeply about the home; its residents and staff.

We are working hard to develop Court House into a central part of the community of Cullompton and look for ways to bring individuals and community groups into the activities of the home.

We offer permanent, respite and day care services. Court House can currently cater for 26 residents and up to 6 daycare clients daily.

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