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Talk like a Pirate day

Arghhh me hearties!  This is Court House celebrating National ‘Talk like a pirate’ day. The residents enjoyed pirate themed puzzles, word searches, a film screening of the Pirates of the Carribean and the staff decided to make those not dressed up for the occasion (the lily-livered lundlubbers) ‘walk the plank’. Fortunately it wasn’t over the side of a ship! No ships in Cullompton, thank goodness. Here’s Aurora and Talitha having a bit of a fun.

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Court House is not part of a chain of homes. It is owned jointly by Marcus Lyward and Lorna Turner, who both care deeply about the home; its residents and staff.

We are working hard to develop Court House into a central part of the community of Cullompton and look for ways to bring individuals and community groups into the activities of the home.

We offer permanent, respite and day care services. Court House can currently cater for 26 residents and up to 6 daycare clients daily.

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