Everyone has an important role to play in helping our residents enjoy life; the care team, maintenance, cooks, and cleaning staff. Recognising their valuable contribution is partly through our Star Employee Award scheme.

We encourage nominations from residents, staff, family members and professionals where a staff member has done┬ásomething over and above the high standards that we expect. It is awarded at each staff meeting which is approximately every 8 – 10 weeks.


Our shy ‘Star employee’

Not all of us like having our photo taken but we still want to thank Kirsty C for doing such an amazing job, helping everyone out and being a fabulous carer. Congratulations on being our 'Star Employee'! We respect your right not to make a fuss and have a photo.

Star Employee Award

Our Star Employee Award has been given to Amy Watkinson. Amy has recently started her apprenticeship at Court House and has taken to care work incredibly well. She's shown real initiative, is a fantastic team player and is showing great promise for a career in care. She received lots of nominations which shows the positive impact she's had on both staff and residents. Thank you Amy!

Star Employee Award

Our latest 'Star Employee' is Heidi Shutler. Heidi is a great team player and a natural problem-solver. She's a really supportive to new staff learning the job. Thank you Heidi for doing such fabulous work!

Star Employee Award

At each staff meeting, we award one of the employees the 'Star Employee Award'. This time, it was a big congratulations and thank you to Sarah Saunders, one of the night care team. Sarah has gone out of her way to support the home and her colleagues by covering for sickness. Always cheery, Sarah is a fabulous team member and greatly valued for her work. Thank you Sarah!